I think this explains it. Make sure it's not loaded, you could up shooting yourself, and then you'd look really fuckin' stupid. Hold the butt of the gun like you would a tennis racket, the barrel going between your thumb and pointer finger. Most importantly, HAVE A TIGHT GRIP, VERY TIGHT. The gun will try to jump out when you crack someone. People always ask me if the scene from the movie is true. The answer is yes, although there were some minor logistical changes in the script. The following is what really went down.


"I went crazy, I wanted to kill the guy. All the way driving her home Karen is telling me what happened, and I'm getting hotter and hotter. The minute we got to her house she ran inside. I looked across the street. I see the Corvette parked out front. The house was full of miserable rich fucks. There were three brothers. All three of them had Corvettes. I had a hot .22 caliber short-eye automatic. I got a box of shells out of the glove compartment. Looking at the fucks car, I started to load. I was so mad I was ready to shoot the guy and worry about it later. I walked across the street and rang the bell. No answer. I rang again. Nothing. I had the gun in my pants pocket. Now I walked around the driveway towards the backyard. Steve and his brothers were sitting there. Steve started coming toward me. He must have thought we were going to talk. Man-to-man bullshit. The minute he was in my reach I grabbed him by the hair with my right hand and pulled him down nice and low. At the same time I took the gun out of my left pocket and I started to smack him across the face. He screamed "He's got a gun! He's got a gun!" I can feel his face go. I shoved the gun inside his mouth and moved it around like a dinner gong. The brothers are so scared they can't move. Fucks. I swear I would have shot them if they came toward me. Somebody from inside the house said they called the cops. Before the cops arrived I gave Steve a few more belts. I think that when he yelled about the gun it stopped me from killing him. I gave him a couple smacks in the head and left him crying in the driveway. He had pissed all over himself."
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