Enemy Christmas List

Have a beef with someone? Looking for the perfect gift for that bastard to find on christmas morn? Would you like to bring grief and despair to those who deserve it on the cheeriest of holidays?? Here are some gift ideas to help you out.(don't take this literally, shop at http://www.goodfellahenry.com/www.amazon.com for gifts)

1) A dead bird, rat, or horsehead, whichever is most conveniently accessed

2) a terd fruitcake

3) a single bullet wrapped in gauze with a piano wire bow

4) a picture of yor enemy's family x-ed out with a red marker

5) a bright and friendly holiday greeting card with flour or chalk dust inside

6) a festive red candle (filled with gun powder)

7) a dried up christmas tree on fire in your nemesis' yard

8) a jolly holiday tophat (inner lined with duct tape)

9) a poison ivy wreath

10) egg nog ala ex-lax (they'll be on the toilet through the new year)

Enemy Christmas List
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